Technology Accelerator: Enabling Innovation

The Technology Accelerator stimulates and accelerates supply chain innovation with the goal of increasing supply chain-led R&D into mature basin needs.

We offer R&D matched funding programmes, incubator services and access to the key facilities and skills. We can help with access to operators and service companies, and if appropriate, arrange test and deployment opportunities and facilitate commercial agreements.

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Taking innovative technology to market

The Technology Accelerator is both a concept and a physical space designed to drive all aspects of technology development, adaption and adoption through to full market commercialisation.

The concept is that by bringing together people and businesses with ideas, not only to gain a better understanding of their potential value, but also to help work with them through the obstacles to commercialisation, we will help to accelerate the journey through the various Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) and secure the successful deployment of innovative new technologies.

Chart displaying Technology Readiness Levels and relevant resources
Ref: Chart based on original content by National Defense Industrial Association, Science and Enginerring Technology Division

However, a distinctive offer of our Technology Accelerator is that a physical space is allocated to this process. Space within the Oil & Gas Technology Centre will be devoted to this core activity and will be equipped and fitted out to nurture a culture of innovation and collaboration.

As we continue to define the Technology Accelerator model, we are working with organisations in the North-East of Scotland, such as Scottish Enterprise and Aberdeen Elevator, to ensure that it delivers a complete proposition including innovation and business skills development.

By providing R&D matched funding programmes, incubator services and access to the key facilities and skills, the Technology Accelerator will play a vital role in bringing smaller companies from the oil and gas supply chain into the Oil & Gas Technology Centre. And, significantly, we are committed to not only maximising economic recovery from the North Sea, but also to doubling the associated oil and gas supply chain exports over the next ten years.

Further information
If you have any questions or require further information on getting involved with our Technology Accelerator please contact:

Lorraine Derounian, Executive Assistant