Innovation Hub: Inspiring Innovation

The Innovation Hub is a focal point for collaboration both within and outside the industry, with the UK and global oil and gas innovation centres, and with Catapults, Innovate UK and others.

The Hub provides an informal, engaging place to explore innovation. It is where we combine state of the art presentation tools with cutting edge collaboration technologies. It is an inspiring and exciting environment that is designed to give all visitors the freedom to learn and experiment with new ideas.


An engine for innovation

The Innovation Hub will deliver technology market intelligence to inform projects within the Oil & Gas Technology Centre and across the supply chain. It will provide a structured and focused place at the service of the industry and its supply chain to debate, learn, challenge and test new ideas.

Opening in Q3 2017, and utilising the entire basement floor of our premises in Aberdeen, the Hub will combine three elements - Learn, Experience and Innovate - to create a variety of events or ‘journeys’ for participants scheduled through a themed and continually evolving event programme.

The Hub aims to be the engine for innovation in the UK oil and gas industry, providing an industry-wide shared capability, combining internal and external resources to address known problems and to explore oil and gas relevant applications of technology adopted in other industries.

Supported by a dedicated team and business tools to help generate innovation and put it in motion, the Hub will provide access and education about current technological trends and solutions. We are developing a dynamic knowledge bank of relevant technology solutions at various stages of development and readiness.

Building an innovation network Innovation network stakeholders

The Hub is at the heart of an Innovation Network established through collaboration agreements with technology centres, such as the Manufacturing Catapults, and other research-oriented institutions or organisations both within and outside the industry. We continue to expand this network by inviting experts from industry and academia to engage in our innovation activities.

By building our knowledge base and providing access to external resources such as patents, research and publications, the Innovation Network will also provide a technology research service to the oil and gas industry.

Key features of the Innovation Hub

Learn Zone
Collaborating with the best industry and technology subject matter experts, we will present a series of Tech Talks in the Learn Zone to both address industry problems and introduce new enabling technologies.

Experience Zone
The Experience Zone will host a rolling schedule of technology demonstrations provided by the oil and gas, and other industries. Some of these will be physical and some will be shown virtually via computer, virtual or augmented reality. Our aim is to demonstrate real, practical industry uses and problem solving. 

Innovation Zone
A unique suite of state-of-the-art hardware and software will allow us to facilitate dynamic, interactive, collaborative workshop sessions within the Innovation Zone. With resources ranging from large format virtual reality equipment to deep research and idea generation software, our aim is to provide a real, value adding process for the industry.

Events Programme
The Events Programme will schedule a series of regular workshops based on the identified themes of key industry problems, external industry solutions, enabling technologies and technology adopt/adapt/develop journeys. It is our intention to target audiences at all organisational levels.

Virtual Hub
We will also build a virtual Hub to create a wider community of involvement in all our innovation activities. Much of this will focus around sharing output (including via live streaming) and we will also seek to build online communities and forums dedicated to specific challenges and opportunities.


Useful websites

Four types of innovation journeys

Sometimes problems are well defined. Eliminating the need to have people entering vessels for inspection is an example. Others, such as, finding a viable way to develop stranded small discoveries, aren’t so easy to define. Similarly, sometimes the best-placed technology domain to solve the problem is clear, sometimes it isn’t.

So the innovation strategy will have to adapt significantly depending on how well the problem can be framed and how well the solution domain can be defined.

This figure shows the four types of innovation resulting from the combination of problem and domain level of definition and how they contribute to our progression of technologies through the 1 to 9 Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs).

Oil & Gas Technology Centre Innovation focus areas - Develop, Adopt, Deploy, Adapt

The Oil & Gas Technology Centre
Innovation focus areas (adapted from HBR)

Further information
If you have any questions or require further information on getting involved with our Innovation Hub please contact:

Luca Corradi, Innovation Network Director