Centres of Excellence: Stimulating Innovation

Centres of Excellence will be established around new technology R&D capability that either already exists in or is being developed within local universities or industry.

We will support the development of very high quality research teams and invest in highly specialised equipment and testing facilities that can be used to deliver innovation services under contract to clients in the oil and gas industry both in the UK and overseas.


Building a world-class research capability

Centres of Excellence will be multi-disciplined academic and industrial research and development centres focused on technologies that are important to the future of the oil and gas industry.

The first Centre of Excellence will focus on Field Life Extension and Decommissioning with the two local universities, Aberdeen University and Robert Gordon University, at its core. They will be integrated with partner anchor companies from the oil and gas industry who will be invited to contribute and participate with funding, equipment or staff.

Additional Centres of Excellence will be established which build upon the learning and insights that we gain from the first. A transformative unique proposition based on integrated research into oil and gas technology will be the selection criteria for Centres of Excellence.

Each Centre of Excellence will be established as a physical place with a culture of innovation built-in. They will represent a unique offering; a high quality, well resourced environment dedicated to driving transformative technology research in North-East Scotland.

We envisage that successful Centres of Excellence will play a critical role in our objective of transforming North-East Scotland into a global technological hub and raising the standing of the two local universities in the research and development community. Significant levels of funding are being focused upon a unique part of the oil and gas industry – one with a high level of relevance to its long-term legacy – and this will help to create momentum and establish capabilities that we currently have and, importantly, which do not exist elsewhere.

Further information
If you have any questions or require further information on getting involved with our Centres of Excellence please contact:

Mark Lappin, Government and Universities Director