Leadership Team

Meet the team behind The Oil & Gas Technology Centre.

Colette Cohen

Colette Cohen

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Colette is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Oil & Gas Technology Centre is recognised as the ‘go to’ centre globally for oil and gas technology solutions. Colette started her career offshore in 1991, and she has worked for operators including BP, ConocoPhillips and Britannia in the North Sea, Norway, the US and Kazakhstan, where she received a Jubilee Medal from the Kazakh Prime Minister in recognition of her contribution to the country’s oil and gas industry. Prior to joining The Oil & Gas Technology Centre, Colette was Senior Vice President of Centrica Energy’s Exploration and Production business in the UK and The Netherlands. Colette has also served on the board of the Oil & Gas UK, the Technology Leadership Board, the OGA Decommissioning board and is the Chair of the National College for Onshore Oil and Gas. [Appointed August 2016]

Luca Corradi.jpg

Luca Corradi

Innovation Network Director

As Innovation Network Director, Luca works with the oil and gas industry to connect problems with solutions, ensuring that the Oil & Gas Technology Centre is recognised as the place for identifying, adapting, developing and deploying technology to the UKCS, helping to increase efficiency and the economic recovery of reserves. Luca came to the role after more than 20 years of experience in leading transformational projects as a consultant and in developing teams and markets. With extensive experience of leading innovative projects focused on business and organisational change, Luca was responsible for growing the global network of Accenture Energy Hubs. [Appointed September 2016]

Mark Lappin.jpg

Mark Lappin

Government and Universities Director

In his role as Director, Universities and Government, Mark has responsibility of connecting key external stakeholders with the Oil & Gas Technology Centre’s teams. With over 30 years of E&P experience across the oil and gas business cycle from early exploration through to abandonment, Mark has worked for major companies such as ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips, as well as integrated energy providers such as Centrica, and has also managed a small onshore Operator, Dart Energy Europe. Originally a geologist, Mark has had technical, management and executive roles. He is a specialist in onshore Europe natural gas exploration and development with almost ten years' experience from Poland to UK. [Appointed September 2016]

Nicola McIntosh.jpg

Nicola McIntosh

Finance and Commercial Director

As Financial Director, Nicola brings strong leadership and a drive for ensuring high quality and transparent management reporting with a focus on performance management and delivery against targets. With more than 20 years of E&P experience, Nicola has worked for Schlumberger, Oryx Energy, Kerr-McGee and Maersk Oil. Latterly based in Copenhagen, Denmark, focussing on delivering a high quality and streamlined Global Finance Function and SAP Solution. [Appointed December 2016]

Rebecca Allison.jpg

Rebecca Allison

Asset Integrity Solution Centre Manager

As Manager of the Asset Integrity Solution Centre, Rebecca is leading the team to identify and appraise the relevance, readiness and accessibility of existing technology in the market place to meet mature basin asset integrity challenges. A highly driven and motivated project manager with more than 20 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, Rebecca is charged with identifying specific technology gaps that remain in asset integrity and designing and delivering programmes to resolve these gaps. Proficient in managing teams of engineers and support staff to deliver complex projects, Rebecca brings excellent strategic planning and communication skills to her role. [Appointed October 2016]

Malcolm Banks.jpg

Malcolm Banks

Well Construction Solution Centre Manager

As the Manager of the Well Construction Solution Centre, Malcolm leads a team that is actively pursuing technology opportunities to enhance well delivery and reduce well construction costs. This includes adopting technology from other sectors, adapting existing technology and developing new technology. Malcolm brings over 30 years of experience with a major integrated international oil company in drilling and completion engineering and operations roles across a broad variety of well and rig types. Having worked in a number of UK and international roles, Malcolm has a track record of successful leadership in both well engineering and rig operations. [Appointed September 2016]

Chris Pearson.jpg

Chris Pearson

Small Pools Solution Centre Manager

As Manager of the Small Pools Solution Centre, Chris leads a team focused on identifying and introducing new technologies and techniques that will reduce the cost of marginal field development, improve hydrocarbon recovery and unlock small undeveloped discoveries. Prior to this, Chris held senior roles with global responsibilities and local business delivery at both Tier 1 operating companies and contractors. He is focused on the intelligent development and deployment of technology. [Appointed September 2016]