How you benefit

We create value through technology and innovation: unlocking the potential of the UK North Sea, anchoring the supply chain in the North East of Scotland and creating a culture of innovation that attracts academia and industry to the region.

As an enabling organisation, the Oil & Gas Technology Centre builds and maintains excellent, mutually beneficial relationships with a wide range of stakeholders. If you are one of them, you will want to know how your organisation or business can benefit from working with us.



We co-invest in technology development that is designed to help you improve your business by reducing costs, improving efficiency and unlocking potential.

Service companies

We support you by co-investing in R&D activities that create new markets and accelerate technology deployment.


We co-invest in activities that help you to attract global talent, build on your R&D capabilities and create stronger connections with the oil and gas industry.

SME technology specialists

We work in partnership with you to identify new opportunities, connect you with industry and co-fund new technology development, testing and deployment.

Technology organisations

Working with us will enable you to deliver a high quality service to the oil and gas industry. Our unique market access will help you to create value and growth.

Private Investors

We work closely with you to identify and access emerging technology companies that can deliver the desired return on your investment as they grow.

Trade associations and industry bodies

We support other organisations representing the oil and gas industry and by working together we can advocate shared priorities and promote joint activities.        

The UK and Scottish Governments

We work with you to attract new investment, build capability around regional hubs, support new skills development, and create greater competitive advantage.


Our goal is to work with you to create a vibrant regional economy and a culture of innovation. We will boost employment and skills by growing regional capabilities.

The Oil & Gas Authority

We work with you to maximise economic recovery from the UK North Sea by facilitating the adaptation, adoption and deployment of new technology solutions.


There are and will be many opportunities for your business or organisation to work with the Oil & Gas Technology Centre across all our activities. Find out how you can get involved.